+ Who are Buying agent?

A buying agent is a person who is appointed by the buyer to act or to work on his behalf and is paid by the buyer. Buying agent is a person who help in facilitating the trade.

+ What do a buying agent do?

A buying agent services includes but not limited to communication, product development, quality assurance, cost negotiation ,timely shipment and documentation.

+ Why should a company have a buying agency?

Due to the dynamics of the international trade the are lot of difference between the culture ,language, Government policy ,time etc, the need of buying agent arise. Moreover, they are required to do timely inspections locally in India so that consignment is flawless otherwise there is a lot of wastage of time & resources in the case there are issues in absence of timely inspections.

+ What are the characteristics of a good buying agency?

A good buying agency should have the complete knowledge of Country, Infrastructure and people

+ What are the various services MB International is providing to their clients?

All as mentioned in the Services column initially above.

+ If we choose MB International, what makes us to choose only MB International / What are the USPs of MB International?

Best talented team, Better Sourcing for client, Better Infrastructure, Quality control ,Shipment consolidation & timely deliveries.

+ List of some of our client whom we are serving.

Our major clients whom we serve are as follows:-
1) Fancy Home collection (Belgium) (a 67 years old firm into wholesaling) & is rated among top 10 companies in Belgium. we are handling their account for past 12 years plus.
2) Enrique Concha (South America) (a 32 years company, having three retails stores in Santiago, Chile & takes up projects in 5 star hotels, luxury cruise ships & penthouses)